How are bentwood chairs made?

Bentwood chairs’ smooth, curving contours are synonymous with timelessly stylish European cafe decor. Although we now take this style of furniture for granted, it was a genuinely groundbreaking design development when it first arrived on the scene in the late 19th century, marking an exciting departure from the heavy straight lines of the past. Learn more about bentwood chairs.

Who came up with the idea for bentwood chairs?

All bentwood furniture, including Chairforce’s large collection, is descended from the first bentwood chair, created in Vienna in the 1850s by German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet. The Model 14 was the first of its kind, and it was quickly dubbed the “chair of chairs.” At the 1867 Field Fair in Paris, this game-changer in the world of furniture design was awarded a gold medal.

Thonet died only a few years later, in 1871, but his one-of-a-kind invention lives on. Suppliers of Thonet-inspired Bentwood chairs are still using the process to make furniture in this classic style. Bentwood furniture for sale in the twenty-first century harkens back to the late-nineteenth-century golden age, and it still outlasts many modern techniques in terms of longevity.

What is the process of making bentwood chairs?

The way bentwood chairs are created, with no additional resources other than steam, is part of their ingenuity. Thonet’s extensive testing enabled him to develop the technique of softening wood with steam, bending it into the proper shape, and then cooling and drying it back into a perfectly solid form.

Even in today’s world, the results are stunning. A bentwood armchair has soft, sweeping curves that enable for the more ergonomically designed seat, back, and armrests. This not only makes the chair more aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it more comfortable for the human body’s natural shape.

Why do bars use bentwood chairs?

For all of the reasons stated above, bentwood chairs are popular bar furniture. They look beautiful and have a traditional design that works well in a variety of taverns and pubs. They are inviting to sit in, encouraging customers to stay longer on your premises. They also have fewer joints that may require maintenance in the future because they are made by bending wood rather than connecting it.

A slat back bentwood side chair looks great with upholstered seating, and many bentwood chairs have padded and upholstered seats or a slightly hollowed, ergonomically constructed hardwood seat, so customers may sit comfortably.

Do you need high-quality bentwood chairs?

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