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Mr. T "helping" me sew on the Anne Arrival Dress. I love my cat...and yes, that's the pattern front panel of the dress that I was supposed to cut but didn't - creating all that frantic extra work. #anneofgreengables #costme #costumedesign #cosplay
February 24, 2021, 5:31 PM
Anne's Arrival Dress: By Saturday rehearsal, I as out of time and jury-rigged a collar out of a scrap piece. Then, ready or not, I had to bring the Anne dress to the head of costumes and the director for inspection. Fortunately, they liked my new original design (even though it looked nothing like the McCall's pattern they gave me) and I got the go-ahead to finish it up. Thank Goodness!!! I spent Sunday in a coma, sitting on the couch and refusing to get up until my friend Christine took me out to lunch and then my husband took me out to a movie (RBG - it was awesome!!) #anneofgreengables #costme #costumedesign #cosplay
February 6, 2021, 5:31 PM
Anne's arrival dress: By Day 3 I less of a mess on my hands and a much better idea of how to redesign the front. The collar didn't fit (of course, because I was sooo off pattern) but I started to see how I could manipulate things. The problem was, I was out of fabric and I didn't know if the director and costume head would appreciate how far I was going to have to stray from their vision... #anneofgreengables #costme #costumedesign #cosplay
January 20, 2021, 5:31 PM
Anne's arrival dress: This is still day one. Since Anne has multiple quick changes, I sewed the orphan apron to the back, split it up the center, and added an 18 in zipper. The next challenge was to figure out how to cut the front piece into something that would somehow fit with the back piece since the front didn't even remotely match the back (and I was out of fabric). At this stage, it looked far more like a Jedi robe than an orphan's jumper. ##anneofgreengables #costme #costumedesign #cosplay
January 1, 2021, 5:31 PM
Anne's Arrival Dress: The director said she needed Anne’s arrival dress for promo pictures next week, so I took the party dress off the manikin and started the arrival jumper. I cut the fabric so fast that I accidentally cut the back section for another dress instead of the front - so guess what? I ended up designing another custom dress instead of quickly sewing a jumper from a pattern . I just LOVE it when I give myself MORE work...sigh. #anneofgreengables #costme #costumedesign #cosplay
December 16, 2020, 5:31 PM
This week was a prime example of how the best laid plans and organization charts can (and often are) waylaid by "Life Interuptus." My daughter is an actress and was recently cast as Anne in a local DC area production Anne of Green Gables. I've designed costumes for years and volunteered to sew 1 (and eventually 3) of her 6 dresses. Last Tues, the director said that she needed Anne's "Arrival Dress" by the end of (this week) for promo photos. I had been working on the other...s and hadn't even cut the AD pattern. Fortunately, it's a simple McCalls pattern , so I thought, "OK, I've got this..." I ironed the fabric, cut it...and then realized I cut the back of Anne's school dress instead of the front of the arrival... I was SICK. It was that total drop in the gut, like you've been sucker-punched, but it's YOUR fault. AND, there was no more fabric. AND there couldn't be any more fabric. Did I mention I was sick? At that moment, I had to drop everything else and create an original design.... (shit) Everything that could be dropped, and really shouldn't have been, was dropped. I sewed and sewed...but I did it. I turned two backs into a whole dress. I had NO idea how the costume head and the director would feel about it. I was a little nervous when I saw their faces as Katey modeled my creation...then the director shrugged and said OK and the costume head gave me a few was approved. I went home after rehearsal, put the arrival dress back on the manikin, then turned off the light. I spent Sunday in pretty much of a coma. I'm sort of back on schedule. I got most of the chores done that I ignored all last week. After I finish this, I'm going to pull my manuscript out and read/edit my pages. As Anne Shirley says, thank goodness "Today is brand new, with no mistakes in it, yet." #AMWriting #CaffeineandInk #anneofgreengables #costme #costumedesign #cosplay #selfhelp #newbeginnings #startingover #change #sewing See more
November 30, 2020, 5:31 PM

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